Apostle John Ekweonu Sagoe is a man of unstoppable diligence for the things of God.  Kingdom visionary, holding a honorary doctorate of theology, given by Bethel Christian University Detroit/Michigan, USA, spiritual father of many around the globe, mission founder, apostle and founder of New International Church Switzerland, husband, father of five girls. 

Apostle John was born in West Africa to Ghanaian ­ ‐ Nigerian parents. Already in school he was called “Botowa”, which means “Let it happen”. This nickname in the early days of his childhood became not only a motto but moreover a destiny that would determine his whole life.

After temporary “worldly” experiences, Apostle John had his first encounter with Jesus in September 1989. Overdosed with Marijuana in Lagos,  Nigeria he was, sitting in a bus where a guy sitting next to him then started to preach to him about Jesus Christ, which led young John Sagoe into a trance. In that trance he saw an open vision of a huge church, sitting over ten thousand people and God told him to make the choice: Either he will be open to be used by God in building God’s church or he will remain insane for the rest of his life. Thank God he made the right decision:

God transformed young John from a worldly fearnought to a godly fearnought.

Apostle Johns way lead through many professions, experiences and countries, whereby he learned to adapt easily and won the hearts of people quickly by his humble attitude of serving. His engagement in different ministries offered him a realistic glance behind the scenes of the kingdom. Carrying the bibles of men of God, driving the church vehicle, cleaning the church, handing out translation headphones or leading prayer groups in different denominations, taught him a lot about the different corners of the kingdom.

Finally God called him 2001 into full time ministry – and his life never remained the same.

After the foundation of New International Church Switzerland in November 2003, the expansion of the ministry can be described as explosive. God also blessed Apostle John with an accurate gift of prophecy.

As Apostle John was visiting the Parliament House of Switzerland in 2005 he heard from God that Switzerland is in an urgent need of prayer. So he called for a year of intercession for Switzerland in his church and organized annual prayer conferences called ‘Hour of Encounter’, which have become nationwide known.

In 2010 God used Apostle John to prophesy over a European country about the change of presidency. In the same year he prophesied to a top government officer of a West African country concerning the political future of the country. Both prophecies came to pass, as they were pronounced. Also catastrophes like the earthquake in Haiti or the volcanic eruption in Iceland were revealed to Apostle John in advance. Apostle John’s prophetic and financial teaching have helped many churches, organization, politicians and individuals to achieve their dreams and visions.

At present the ministry unfolds New International Churches in West Africa and USA/Chicago, several branches in Switzerland with headquarter in Biel/Switzerland. At the same time NIC Mission is expanding continuously in West Africa: Children’s Home “Safe Haven” and NIC International School in Ghana are running successfully.

Apostle John’s heart is beating for those that are poor ­‐ spiritually, physically, financially or mentally. It is his pleasure to please God and to serve him uncompromisingly.

Rev. Korankye Ankrah, the Apostle General of Royal House Chapel International, his spiritual father and mentor, describes Apostle John Sagoe as follows: “Apostle John Sagoe is a respected and treasured man of God, and a spiritual son whom I have known for over fifteen years. He is a man of noble character with a proven ministry. I acknowledge the many outstanding giftings and talents operating through him and his impact and influence in the body of Christ coupled with humility and love for mankind especially here in Ghana, Switzerland and elsewhere.” Apostle John’s pastoral friends also describe him as “spiritual bulldozer”, others call him “The Apostle of Grace”. His close disciples characterize him as an “always happy, loving and single‐minded man full of compassion and Holy Ghost fire”.

Apostle John is now a Swiss citizen living with his family in Switzerland. He is happily married to Sandra Sagoe and has five daughters: Grace, Joy, Blessing, Favor and Mercy.

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